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Hello Fellow Members and Staff we are proud to say that were moving to a new forum heres the link and please sign up and invite your friends! the more the merier have funn and enjoy your stay on the Snowy Isles! Smile

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 I Need Ideas! <3

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PostSubject: I Need Ideas! <3   Mon 20 Jun 2011, 6:00 pm

Alright, so I've come the mind set of making SI only freebies. I have a few done, but I would like more ideas for what people like. I can do canines (I'm not too good with floppy ears) with some exceptions. I can do horns, blah blah. I can do anthro or feral, I can do scene hair, and accessories. The only thing I CANNOT do are shoes. Please refrain from including these.

This post is so I can understand what people like, so I can make poses and pixels people will actually use. I may open a pose commissions topic later on as the site grows. As of right now I am doing free HSs for people. These come in groups of five at a time, so don't miss out!

Ideas and Suggestions:
(More slots will be added the more ideas I gather.)

~Your helpful Snowy Isles Omega
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PostSubject: Re: I Need Ideas! <3   Tue 21 Jun 2011, 9:43 am

Well missy, eres what I like:

Basically A Mad Hatter type of anthro but specifications, if that cant be made are:

-Hats (HATS)
-Swashbuckler's Jacket
-Bermuda shorts
And any other additions can be done custom by the illustrator dear Wink
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I Need Ideas! <3
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