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Hello Fellow Members and Staff we are proud to say that were moving to a new forum heres the link and please sign up and invite your friends! the more the merier have funn and enjoy your stay on the Snowy Isles! Smile


 Snowy Isles Rules!

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Alpha-Site Owner-Head of Tech Support

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Snowy Isles Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Snowy Isles Rules!   Snowy Isles Rules! Icon_minitimeThu 16 Jun 2011, 3:04 am

Snow Isles rules

- Harassment is not welcomed to any chat.
- Death Threats (Threatening to harm or kill yourself or another person.)
- Suicidal Posts (Posts speaking of self harm.)
- Viral Threats (Threat to hack or harm a computer.)
- Chat Threats (Threatening to hack or harm the chat.)
- Drug Usage (Speaking of drug usage in any manner or form.)
- Drug Promotion (Promoting the use of illegal drugs.)
- Sex Preference Bashing (Bashing a user based on preferences of a specific gender.)
- Bashing (General disrespect to another user.)
- Racism (Discrimination of a user because of race.)
- Sexism (Discrimination of a user because of gender.)
- Ageism (Discrimination of a user because of age.)
- Religion (Discriminating a user based on their religion or belief.)
- Harm (Speaking of harm to a person or living creature.)

Spam & Unwanted Posts))
Spam is generally posts pertaining to nothing relevant. Unwanted posts can pertain to links that are harmful to the user or computer, or just combined with spam. Spam and unwanted post examples, but is not limited to the following:

- Links that contain viruses and/or spyware.
- Links that contain pornography.
- Links that contain anything discriminatory against users and their beliefs, preferences, age, etc.
- Links containing graphic images.
- Links that promote the use of, or talk of illegal drug use.
- Posts for "Mate Searching".
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Snowy Isles Rules!
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