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Hello Fellow Members and Staff we are proud to say that were moving to a new forum heres the link and please sign up and invite your friends! the more the merier have funn and enjoy your stay on the Snowy Isles! Smile


 How to Upload an Avatar

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How to Upload an Avatar Empty
PostSubject: How to Upload an Avatar   How to Upload an Avatar Icon_minitimeThu 16 Jun 2011, 9:20 pm

Want an avatar? Heres how to do it. (:

1. Have a picture that is no bigger than 200 x 200 *wont let you upload if its any bigger.* Can be smaller but you don't want to make it to small where people cant see it.

2.Have the photo up loaded to photobucket, or another site that lets you upload pictures and gives you links to share.

3.Top right- there is a button that says (User Control Panel) Click that. It will bring you to another page, here is where you edit profile, board preferences and so on.

4. Left side- There is a box that will say "Options" and below that are several things. Click (Profile)

5.Here is where you can tell us a little about yourself and so on. On the Left, where you clicked profile before you will now click (Edit Avatar)

6. Middle- There will be 3 boxes, one that will say Current image *you currently haven't uploaded one so there will be nothing there. Box below that will say (Link off-site) This is the one you will need.

7. You will need to get the (URL) for your image, this will be the one that starts off (http://), You will need to copy this link and paste it into the (link off-site) box space that is provided.

8. After that *Optional* The box that says (Avatar dimensions) you will enter the dimensions of the avatar, but you do not have to. If you leave them blank when you submit the avatar they will automatically fill in.

9. Hit (Submit) A new page will come up saying " your profile has been updated" If you wait a few seconds the page will go back you the one to upload a avatar, this way you can make sure the picture looks right, or that you have the correct picture.

10. Now you have posted your avatar! Do the same process if you want to Chang your avatar.

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How to Upload an Avatar
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