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Hello Fellow Members and Staff we are proud to say that were moving to a new forum heres the link and please sign up and invite your friends! the more the merier have funn and enjoy your stay on the Snowy Isles! Smile

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 Would you like a cup of tea?

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Alpha-Co Owner- Head of Art and Review Team
Alpha-Co Owner- Head of Art and Review Team

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PostSubject: Would you like a cup of tea?   Thu 16 Jun 2011, 3:25 pm

Why, hello there person. It seems like your visiting this topic to know somthing about me...well your wish has been answered. My name is Monster I am the Alpha-Co Owner- Head of Art and Review Team and Forum Gaurdian here. People may know me as Sobe or Doubt whichever the two. I currently play Wolfhome,Serenity and Eclipse. I've been on chats for about four years now since I was ten. Just like our alpha Ambrea I will be watching this forums progress using my cellphone and laptop. No I am not stalking you I'm just watching seeing how it goes. Also please don't underestimate me just because of my age, I'm actully pretty smart I even got an award (lol). Anyways welcome to the forums! -waves-

About Me
My real name is Celeste but you can call me whatever Cele is preffered. I'm fourteen and I currently hail from Eagle River Alaska. Currently living with my dad now and days and I do help pay the bills. For work, well let's just say I wor at Fred Meyers. I don't put up with drama at all and I dont take sides. Any kind of music suits me besides Jazz (I can't stand it). I own one animal and that's my dog Brody we may even get a kitten soon if I don't get into trouble.

Okay now since you know me butt out your giving me the willies. x.x

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Would you like a cup of tea?
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